Feel Better Through Pilates it's so effective at making you feel better!

  • Pilates will train your mind to become more aware of your body position and to activate a central core of deep postural muscles, which will very effectively strengthen and stabilise you trunk and spine.
  • Stemming out from this strong central core all the muscles of your body are effectively and safely strengthened and tone. Muscle imbalances will be gradually corrected through retraining and reprogramming your muscle memory.
  • Pilates can support the recovery of an injured area of your body by safely strengthening the muscle groups connected to it or surrounding it.
  • Pilates brings together your mind with your body and the double benefit is a strong efficient body and a calm focussed mind.
  • Core-control strengthening has been scientifically proven to reduce back pain. Many of my clients, who were initially referred to me by their doctor or physiotherapist with chronic back pain, cannot believe just how effectively Pilates has reduced their symptoms and need for strong pain killers and improved their overall feeling of wellbeing.