Thinking About Taking Up Pilates? Will Clare Brown Pilates Benefit You?

Pilates is a specialised, highly efficient form of exercise tested and endorsed by a broad range of health professionals. Clare Brown Pilates is very effective when you are seeking to address specific joint/muscle issues or the general aches and pains in backs, shoulders, knees etc. brought on by poor posture or intense training. It is good for you whether you are new to exercise or an experienced sports professional seeking to redress muscle imbalances and strengthen your core.

My clients report significant benefits; in their posture, strength, flexibility and general well being and a gradual reduction in recurrent injuries that previously stopped them participating in their favourite activities. More specifically, their reviews express improvements in - core strength, balance, mental focus, sleep, energy levels, sports performance, enhanced recovery from muscle/joint operations and injuries. Clients regularly attending my sessions say they help to alleviate head to toe aches and pains and give relief from the symptoms of stress. My clients ages range from 16-86. There profiles range from; haven't exercised for years, to experienced runners, football players and tri-athletes. They describe thinking more positively and feeling empowered in aquiring a sense of well being.