Pilates With Clare Brown What to expect from our Pilates Sessions

The therapeutic benefits of Clare Brown Pilates sessions include relief from back ache, muscle and joint Pain, improved breathing patterns and de-stressing of the mind and body.
You will develop good postural awareness and improved body alignment. You will achieve this through, calm, focussed, enjoyable mental and physical training.

You will be guided in developing a deep, relaxed breathing technique alongside the exercises. Once the breathing and the exercises become second nature to you (and within a few weeks this starts to happen) you will find this has a calming and balancing effect on your mind and body. We will use mats, blocks and bands, provided until you get your own. Our Pilates sessions will give you an excellent whole body maintenance programme or a wonderful approach to recovery.

You will work to your own level of ability. Whether you're fit and healthy and looking for balanced strength, tone and flexibility throughout your body, injured (with the go ahead from your doctor) or suffering general aches, young/old, male/female, Pilates could really work for you! 

You will meet super people from all walks of life and we certainly have our moments of fun.