OCR Level 2 Certificate in Instructing Mat Based Pilates

Content: Pilates History to Current Day Teaching/The Pilates Principles/ Theory- Muscles, Joints, Posture Types, Neutral Alignment/ Use of Visualisation/Pilates Mat Based Exercises with Adaptations & Progressions/Release Stretching/Planning and Linking Including Appropriate Transitions/Planning, Delivering and Evaluating the Effectiveness of a Pilates Mat work Sessions.

Continuing Professional Development Certificate in the theory and practical application of Next Step Pilates

Modules: Warm Up and Preparation Exercises/Common Postural Problems/Yoga Based Flexibility Stretching/ Intermediate and Improved Level Mat Based Pilates Exercises/ Exercise Sequencing and Linking

Continuing Professional Development Certificate in the theory and practical application of Pilates Plus

Modules: Pilates Exercises Using the Dyna Band/Pilates Exercises Using the Stability Ball/ Flexibility Stretching.


Stretch Therapy Teacher Training Course with Kit Laughlin (Alicante Sept 2012). See my blog for more info.

“......I have no hesitation in recommending Kit and the methods that he has developed to anyone who wishes to maximise their physical abilities and to aid the prevention of or recovery from injury brought on through training for and playing sport”. Greg Chappell, MBE, Former Captain, Australian Test Cricket Team

Emmett Technique Course with Clare Stone (East Midlands Nov 2013)

This is a muscle release technique that can help improve neck movement, grip strength, breathing capacity, shoulder movement and leg mobility.

Intensive Pilates Strength, Agility and Tone Course with Master Teacher Alex Estornel (Fuerta Ventura Oct 2014).

“The Participants will fall deeper in love with Pilates and most importantly, discover how our bodies can adapt, change, modify and strengthen with the right mindset and health regimen. We will go in depth with the anatomy of Pilates and how we can fend off physical illness with healthy lifestyle. Finally we will demystify the mechanics of the body and learn how a healthy kinetic chain is the key to a balanced and strong body” Alex Estornel See my blog for more info

The Fire Within”- Pilates, Yoga and Meditation Retreat with Alex Estornel, Valentina Parmigiani and Frauke Behrens (Santorini May 2015)

“....to help you move mindfully, increase strength and flexibility, improve agility, muscle tone, strength and breath control.”