About Me A Brief Intro About Me, My Experience & Training

My name is Clare Brown I have been teaching Pilates around Beeston, Nottingham for 10 years. Pilates cured my troublesome sciatica and had such a positive impact on my general posture and well being that I built it into my life by training to teach it. Initially I taught Pilates part time. My client base built and my Pilates business took over from my established profession as a lecturer and head of department and teaching Pilates became my full time vocation. Anatomy and physiology fascinate me so I happily research extensively. I am interested in how much control we have over our own well being and how addressing postural problems can have a positive impact throughout our body. I enjoy meeting my clients with their vast variety of life experiences, some perfectly healthy and many with conditions to address. I get great fulfilment from supporting them, as they regain confidence in their own body and realise the power they have to heal themselves. Pilates is not a miracle cure and predictably it works better with regular practice. Many clients have avoided other forms of exercise for fear of exacerbating their problems but they come and make great progress; the benefits are clear in their improved performance week by week. I believe that through a better understanding of your own body posture and a safe, regular, Pilates exercise plan, you have the power to improve the quality of your life and reduce the risk of injury and pain. Our bodies are designed for movement and Pilates is movement designed to work in harmony with your body’s structure. I totally believe in the positive effects of Pilates and I think it’s also fun and enjoyable as I have a great bunch of people attending my sessions.