CLARE BROWN PILATES FOCUSES ON posture breathing tone strength flexibilty health body & mind well being

Offering 1-2-1 sessions, 6 Week Beginners and Improvers Courses, Drop In and Workplace Classes

Group Class Locations - Beeston, Chilwell, Bramcote & Wollaton My Pilates Classes & Sessions

Group Classes

Group Classes

Beginners and improvers classes available at 4 locations; Beeston, Chilwell, Bramcote & Wollaton. Improver level requires previous experience, all other sessions are suitable for Beginners. See FAQ's for more details. You can Pay-as-You-Go or benefit from discounts when buying your sessions in 6 week blocks. A payment & attendance guide line form, is available for you to download from this web site.

1-2-1 Sessions

1-2-1 Sessions

For those looking for a personal, dedicated and bespoke training experience I offer 1-2-1 Sessions at my Beeston Pilates Studio (NB local garden or home visits negotiable). Do you want to build your confidence before joining a class or have you got a specific injury /condition to address ? may be you're a sports person seeking to optimize your performance by improving your core strength and overall strength/ flexibility? Contact me for more information & availability.

Corporate Workshops

Corporate Workshops

I provide several corporate Pilates workshops from taster sessions, to tailored sessions and also offer well being sessions including stress relieving relaxation. Timing can be arranged to suite early birds or a lunchtime break. If you are an employer or employee, of a local Business, please feel free to ring or email to discuss options.

Thinking About Taking Up Pilates? Will Clare Brown Pilates Benefit You?

Pilates is a specialised, highly efficient form of exercise tested and endorsed by a broad range of health professionals. Clare Brown Pilates is very effective when you are seeking to address specific joint/muscle issues or the general aches and pains in backs, shoulders, knees etc. brought on by poor posture or intense training. It is good for you whether you are new to exercise or an experienced sports professional seeking to redress muscle imbalances and strengthen your core.

My clients report significant benefits; in their posture, strength, flexibility and general well being and a gradual reduction in recurrent injuries that previously stopped them participating in their favourite activities. More specifically, their reviews express improvements in - core strength, balance, mental focus, sleep, energy levels, sports performance, enhanced recovery from muscle/joint operations and injuries. Clients regularly attending my sessions say they help to alleviate head to toe aches and pains and give relief from the symptoms of stress. My clients ages range from 16-86. There profiles range from; haven't exercised for years, to experienced runners, football players and tri-athletes. They describe thinking more positively and feeling empowered in aquiring a sense of well being.

Pilates With Clare Brown What to expect from our Pilates Sessions

The therapeutic benefits of Clare Brown Pilates sessions include relief from back ache, muscle and joint Pain, improved breathing patterns and de-stressing of the mind and body.
You will develop good postural awareness and improved body alignment. You will achieve this through, calm, focussed, enjoyable mental and physical training.

You will be guided in developing a deep, relaxed breathing technique alongside the exercises. Once the breathing and the exercises become second nature to you (and within a few weeks this starts to happen) you will find this has a calming and balancing effect on your mind and body. We will use mats, blocks and bands, provided until you get your own. Our Pilates sessions will give you an excellent whole body maintenance programme or a wonderful approach to recovery.

You will work to your own level of ability. Whether you're fit and healthy and looking for balanced strength, tone and flexibility throughout your body, injured (with the go ahead from your doctor) or suffering general aches, young/old, male/female, Pilates could really work for you! 

You will meet super people from all walks of life and we certainly have our moments of fun.

Feel Better Through Pilates it's so effective at making you feel better!

  • Pilates will train your mind to become more aware of your body position and to activate a central core of deep postural muscles, which will very effectively strengthen and stabilise you trunk and spine.
  • Stemming out from this strong central core all the muscles of your body are effectively and safely strengthened and tone. Muscle imbalances will be gradually corrected through retraining and reprogramming your muscle memory.
  • Pilates can support the recovery of an injured area of your body by safely strengthening the muscle groups connected to it or surrounding it.
  • Pilates brings together your mind with your body and the double benefit is a strong efficient body and a calm focussed mind.
  • Core-control strengthening has been scientifically proven to reduce back pain. Many of my clients, who were initially referred to me by their doctor or physiotherapist with chronic back pain, cannot believe just how effectively Pilates has reduced their symptoms and need for strong pain killers and improved their overall feeling of wellbeing.

About Me A Brief Intro About Me, My Experience & Training

My name is Clare Brown I have been teaching Pilates around Beeston, Nottingham for 10 years. Pilates cured my troublesome sciatica and had such a positive impact on my general posture and well being that I built it into my life by training to teach it. Initially I taught Pilates part time. My client base built and my Pilates business took over from my established profession as a lecturer and head of department and teaching Pilates became my full time vocation. Anatomy and physiology fascinate me so I happily research extensively. I am interested in how much control we have over our own well being and how addressing postural problems can have a positive impact throughout our body. I enjoy meeting my clients with their vast variety of life experiences, some perfectly healthy and many with conditions to address. I get great fulfilment from supporting them, as they regain confidence in their own body and realise the power they have to heal themselves. Pilates is not a miracle cure and predictably it works better with regular practice. Many clients have avoided other forms of exercise for fear of exacerbating their problems but they come and make great progress; the benefits are clear in their improved performance week by week. I believe that through a better understanding of your own body posture and a safe, regular, Pilates exercise plan, you have the power to improve the quality of your life and reduce the risk of injury and pain. Our bodies are designed for movement and Pilates is movement designed to work in harmony with your body’s structure. I totally believe in the positive effects of Pilates and I think it’s also fun and enjoyable as I have a great bunch of people attending my sessions.

Class / Session Prices & Information

For men and women of all ages and levels of fitness

£8.00 £40.00 £40.00 - 60 Minutes
Per Session 1 Class Per Week £50.00 - 90 Minutes


Mon: 2:00-3:15pm

St Leonard's Community Centre,
Bramcote Lane, Wollaton,
Nottingham NG8 2ND

Chilwell Memorial Hall

Mon: 5:45-7:00pm
Wed: 6:00-7:00pm

Chilwell Memorial Hall,
129 High Road, Chilwell,
Nottingham NG9 4AT

Useful Downloads

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Tues: 6:15-7:15pm
Tues: 7:20-8:35pm

Hope House, (United Reform Church)
Boundary Road Community Centre,
Boundary Road, Beeston NG9 2RF


Tues: 12.30-1.30pm

Beeston Youth and Community Centre, West End, Beeston, Nottingham, NG9 1GL

Pilates Gift Vouchers Why not treat a friend, relative or loved one...

Give someone you care about a worthwile gift order by email or phone and receive vouchers by email or through the post. We offer the following Pilates Gift Vouchers:

4 week course - Just £28

6 week course - Just £40

1-2-1 Session (60 mins) - £40 (90 mins)- Just £50

Contact Us Now

Contact Us

Clare Brown Pilates
Address: 12 Clinton Street, Beeston, NG9 1AZ

If you have questions or need additional information, please call/text: 07868 717 915 or 0115 9130707 or use our Contact Form!

    2nd May

    No Pilates Classes today Bank Holiday Monday.

    Classes will run as normal for the rest of the week so if you usually come on Monday you can attend a different day this week, just text to let me know, otherwise look forward to seeing you next week.


    Just to confirm classes and 1-2-1 sessions will start back tomorrow 25th April please bear with me at this challenging time.

    Classes will run as normal unless changes are noted here on my web site.

    Previous Tues lunch Pearson Centre Class now permanently moved to Beeston Youth and Community Centre, West End, Beeston, Nottingham, NG9 1GL. NB. Time changed to 12.30 (usually 12.10). Plenty of parking available. Will see you there Tuesday 26th April.


    My Dear Clients I promised to keep you posted. My dear old mum lost her battle with Covid and pneumonia at 2.50am Thurs morning. It was very sad to lose her this way, she put up a valiant fight. I aim to start back to work next Monday and I put my tribute to her here for a week or two. There are are lots of lovely photos of her on my personal face book page too.

    In Loving Memory of My Beautiful Mum Helen Brown ❤️ 17/02/29-14/04/22

    Who passed away at 2.50am 14/04/22

    The death of someone you love is not pretty or easy and when it happens we can only ever do our best whatever that is. So all I can be sure of right now, is that my dad and I always did the best we could for my beautiful mum. Self doubts creep in, what more could we have done? but I tell my dad we have to bat them away because I know there were no perfect solutions and every thing we ever did for my mum came from a place of pure love for her and just now our minds are sleep deprived, emotionally wrung and hard to switch off and she would want us to take care of ourselves. As my dad said it has been a very hard emotional week at the end of a long journey. In spite of becoming so very poorly my Mum with her feisty spirit seemed determined not to give up without a very determined fight, it was unbelievable where her energy kept coming from and we had to give her that chance but the shitty Covid and pneumonia didn’t give her the break we willed. My dad was devastated he wasn’t with her when her body finally said enough but I told him that didn’t matter because he has always been there for her through thick and thin and their love of 66 years is enduring. I represented him and all of our family I held and loved her and shared with her a mini history of all the many funny and lovely family memories, somehow they came flooding through. I talked about her grandchildren and great grandchildren and Shay dog’s 1 and 2 reminded her that all her children had visited that day and Philip her dear husband had been there until late and it seemed it soothed her. Death is messy, it’s not a perfect art and unless you are very lucky you are left with scars that have to heal over with love and time and all the vivid more happy memories that come popping through. As my tired mind runs rings around me I try to focus my thoughts by writing this and it helps me to understand that no one can live forever even though as my dad said Helen had beaten the odds so many times it wouldn’t have been a miracle to him if she had pulled through. I have witnessed my mum’s enduring dignity, grace, and feisty spirit through an increasingly tough 12 year battle with Alzheimer’s disease and then the fight she put up against Covid and pneumonia bless her, she fills my heart with love, pride and inspiration. My mum with her quirky one liners that tripped off the end of her tongue and had us all in stitches….and she could still always turn on that charming, beautiful smile, we all love you dearly mum, rest in peace ❤️

    With love to my wonderful dad a constant deeply loving companion by her side.

    With huge thanks to Mark manager at Meadow lodge with his deep pockets of compassion and the whole staff team he leads so well, who have treated my mum and our family with impeccable support, dignity and kindness over the last very challenging 7 days.


    Tested Positive for Covid

    My Dear Pilates Clients my mum is seriously ill with Covid there is an outbreak at her care home. I have been nursing her the past few nights and visited her Weds eve just before the outbreak came to light. I must have caught Covid before I knew she had it and started wearing full PPE. I tested positive for Covid on Sunday 10/04/22. Classes will have to be cancelled this week. I'll keep you posted. Whatever comes to pass I will also take my planned week off Pilates next week.

    I will be taking a Post Easter break from 18th-21st April so no Pilates classes during this period

    Most of our Pilates Classes will continue as normal over the Easter period from the 4th-17th April with the following exceptions-

    Pearson Centre Class 12.10-1.10 sessions on 5th and 12th April NB. time and venue change

    Please come to Beeston Youth and Community Centre at 12.30 on 5th and 12th April as Pearson Centre is not available. It's a super venue with plenty of car parking space so if this works well it may become our permanent Tuesday lunch time venue. Venue address- Beeston Youth and Community Centre, West End, Beeston, Nottingham, NG9 1GL. NB. Time changed to 12.30 (usually 12.10)