This is what Alex had to say about the course-

“The participants will fall deeper in love with Pilates and most importantly, discover how our bodies can adapt, change, modify, and strengthen with the right mindset and health regimen.

We will go in depth with the anatomy of Pilates and how we can fend off physical illness with a healthy lifestyle.

Finally, we will demystify the mechanics of the body and learn how a healthy kinetic chain is the key to a balanced and strong body”

The course certainly delivered Alex was a wonderful, highly experienced, teacher, very well versed in the classical Pilates style. I really enjoyed the physical and mental challenge of working at an advanced level. Alex taught a Classical Pilates style specifically informed in style and order of execution by Joseph Pilates original teaching method. What I really liked about his approach was that he built up confidence gradually so that everyone eventually worked to the full capacity of their physical ability and many surprised themselves with what they achieved. Alex also introduced me to the Pilates wonder chair.

I agree with the following quote from Alex “When approaching Pilates for the first time, I always recommend tuning into your body and revealing to yourself exactly where your aches are, your strengths, your weaknesses, and most importantly staying safe through the motions you will be learning. You must first know where your starting line is before setting your sights on the finish line. Finally, be patient with your progress. Transformation comes with repeated practice” Alex Estornel.


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